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Nice to see Microsoft learning from (… and gasp… improving on???) Apple sometimes.  This looks like a fine trinket to own.

Mashable Review: Microsoft Touchmouse Feels Just Right

Could be game-changing: If Blackberry’s were to run Android Apps…

via  TechCrunch:
RIM Finally Sees The Light. Unfortunately, It’s An Onrushing Train – Or Is It?

AndroidAndBlackberryCould Blackberry be getting ready to join the Android app marketplace? This could quickly take Blackberry users into the current new world of functionality & connectivity. AND massively increase the reach, relevance and impact of the Android app ecosystem – particularly to the serious professional & enterprise users, many of whom use Blackberry + a personal iphone or ipad. 

Really interesting potential to reshuffle the smartphone/tablet market deck.

A few other data points

  • In the small tech company where I work, we recently found that while over 50% of our users (mostly in corporate enterprises or institutional investment firms) are still on blackberry, nearly 15% of them already have a second “smarter” device.
    Rim has some new, unwelcome, partners
    via Penny Herscher / MarketMine
  • Some interesting stats and analysis on the neck-to-neck device race. Note the increase in reach, if Android apps to serve both their own and the Blackberry market.
    Android Pulls Ahead in Smartphone Race, Report Says
    via NYTimes Bits
  • Google seems to be getting serious about technically making Android scalable and consistent for a very diverse hardware ecosystem.
    Google issues Android Anti-fragmentation Tool
    via CNET
  • Maybe unrelated, but RIM is changing the guard at the head of marketing.
    RIM’s chief marketing officer resigns
    via Engadget 

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